Why you should run GGlighting

We get this question a lot: Why should I pick your lights over some of the other options?
This is a 2 sided question.
To answer the first side: Why should I run GGlighting instead of a cheaper, no name product that is as low as 1/3 the cost of your products?
The answer is simple: The product that is 1/3 the cost of ours will most likely be 1/3 the quality and 1/3 the output.
Reasons why you shouldn't buy generic, cheap products:
    1: You are purchasing products from a seller that you cannot even speak to
    2: You are paying for shipping from overseas
    3: Waiting for up to 4 weeks to receive your order
    4: If you have a problem with this product, you will have to contact a supplier with a     
        language barrier, if you can even get in touch with them
    5: If you can get ahold of them, you will have to send your product back to China
    6: There is zero to no precision and quality control for these products
Reasons why you should buy GGlighting:
    1: You are purchasing from a company with an actual retail location open to the public
    2: Our orders ship out same business day, ship from California and will get to the
        consumer as early as the next business day
    3: We have a lifetime warranty on ALL of our products.
    4: We have been in the off road lighting industry since 2009. We spend a lot of time
        and efforts into the quality control and precision of our products.
To answer the second side: Why should I run GGlighting over some of the bigger names, such as Rigid Industries, Baja Designs and KC HiLites?
This is also a simple answer:
Lumens per $1 spent*:
*These specs were determined straight from each manufacture's website from the highest output 50" LED Bar. We took the advertised lumen count and divided it by the retail price.
- GGlighting offers a complete lifetime warranty on all products. We do not refurbish
     or repair your product if it comes in for warranty like most manufacturers. If you have
      any issue with your light, we simply replace it with a new one. This system is a lot
     easier for our consumers for one main reason: you are not stuck without your light
     for weeks on end.
- GGlighting currently sponsors over 60 race vehicles including over (10) class 1 cars
      which are capable of speeds in excess to 140 mph.
- GGLighting is the official light of the following organizations:
     - MORE Racing
     - Class 5 Unlimited
     - Jeep Speed